Rural West is a small Western Australian company that specialises in the supply and Manufacture of Animal Health and Nutrition products to intensive livestock industries within the agricultural areas of W.A.

Rural West manufacture and supply Vitamin and Mineral Premixes, Concentrates, Loose Licks, and Feed Additives for Cattle and Sheep Feedlots, Dairy Farms, Piggeries, Emus and Ostrich Growers, Wool, Lamb & Mutton Producers, plus all types of of Stud & Show Animals.
Rural West will provide the client with a balanced, low cost, complete feed diet. This diet is designed either by Rural West's Veterinarian (Adrian Baker B.V.Sc.), or by one of a number of different Nutritionists who specialise in different areas of animal production.
To provide this diet we need to have all grains, fibre sources, and any other feed inputs analysed. Rural West can provide this service by forwarding the clients samples to various Laboratories.
Rural West can also provide a full range of Animal Health Products, manufactured by various reputable companies.
Rural West also manufacture Electrolytes, Custom mix medications, Disinfectants, Antiseptics, Detergents, Hand Cleaners and Shampoos for Show Animals of all descriptions..
Rural West's objective will always be to provide the correct product to achieve the desired goal, at a competitive price.
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Calf Supplements
Parasite Treatments
Feed Additives
Feed Additives
Dairy Chemicals
Electrolytes & Vitamins

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