Companion Animal Products are available through Rural West. Due to our product range being too extensive to list here, please contact Rural West for further details.

Products Manufactured by Rural West include:

K9 Kare Hydrobath Wash Available in 3 Fragrances.
K9 Parlour Cologne Show Shampoo, for Horses, Dogs, Cattle, etc.
Aroclenz Wound spray for all animals.
Arofectant Disinfectant for cleaning Stables, Kennels, or any Animal Shelter.
Arogent Detergent for general purpose cleaning.


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Products made by Other Manufacturers;

Medicated Shampoos


Sebolyse, Malaseb, Sebazole, Allerseb, Episoothe, ResiSoothe, Epi-otic & Hexocil.

Flea Treatment Products


Advantage, Duoguard, Frontline, Ovitrol, Ectodex, Ectosoothe, Proban Tablets, Revolution, Protect-a-Home & Protect-a-Dog.

Worming Treatments


Drontal Allwormer for Dogs and Cats, Paratak Plus Allwormer for Dogs. Endoguard, Liver flavoured Allwormer for Dogs. Felex Paste for Cats. Equimax, Equiminth, Oxyminth & Promectin Plus for Horses.


Insecticidal Surface Sprays


Execute, Liquid or Aerosol. Coopex, Solfac & Knockdown.
Greyhound, Thorough-bred, Standard-bred Racing and Performance Animal Health Products.
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Show Shampoo
Parlour Cologne
Various Products

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